What's Your Dream Quotient?

Our dreams are a source of inspiration and meaning, often awakening us to changes and challenges we face -- and offering guidance and direction for our work and life. How much do you know about dreams? Test your knowledge of dream symbols and their meanings with this assessment. When completed, check your email for your results.
If you dream of being chased, this could mean that you
suffer from paranoia
are running away from something
did something you regret
If you dream that you are flying, you probably
are feeling in control and on top of a situation
are meant to be an airline pilot
are worried about where you are going
In your dream, you are falling. This is most likely because
you fell out of bed
you are feeling insecure about something
you're about to be demoted
If you keep having recurring dreams, this means that
you don't like change
your unconscious is demanding that you pay attention to something
you're about to be promoted
If you dream about kissing your boss
you've fallen in love with him or her
you're sexually promiscuous
you're experiencing an awakening of passion
You dream you're naked in the middle of a staff meeting. You probably
are feeling vulnerable and afraid that others are seeing through you
are perceived as strong and powerful
are confused about the company dress code
If you dream that your teeth are falling out, this could mean that
it's time to make a dentist appointment
you're anxious about your appearance
you're getting old
If you dream of an elephant, this is most likely because
you're forgetting something significant
you're worried about your weight
you're a republican
You dream about taking a test. This might be because
you're thinking of going back to school
you'll be receiving a performance review soon
you're concerned about not measuring up
If you dream you've found a key, this could signify that
you've been locked out of important decisions
you've learned how to break into your boss's computer
you're seeing potential for new options and growth
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