Are you an effective caregiver?

This brief assessment is designed to give you an idea of how effective you are being in your role as caregiver of the family member or friend with a mood disorder. This can be in the form of depression, bipolar disorder or schitzoaffective disorder. Read each statement and if it is TRUE for you check the box by clicking in it once. If it is not true simply leave the box empty.

I take time for myself regularly
I say 'no' to requests easily.
I have taken a relaxing vacation in the past 12 months.
There is nothing I think about doing that I cannot realistically plan.
I feel great about what I choose to give in support of others
I feel guilty on a regular basis about not giving more to others
I feel overwhelmed more than once per week
I have a healthy support team I rely on including; nutritionist, friends, therapist etc.
I easily ask others for what I need.
My caregiver role is clearly defined with my 'affected' other
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