The Clean Sweep Program Sample

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Physical Environment

My personal files, papers and receipts are neatly filed away.
My car is in excellent condition. (Doesn't need mechanical work, repairs, cleaning or replacing.)
My home is neat and clean. (Vacuumed, closets clean, desks and tables clear, furniture in good repair; windows clean)
My appliances, machinery and equipment work well. (Refrigerator, toaster, snow-blower, water heater, toys)
My clothes are all pressed, clean and make me look great. (No wrinkles, baskets of laundry, torn, out of date or ill-fitting clothes)


I rarely use caffeine. (Chocolate, coffee, colas, tea) less than 3 times per week, total.
I rarely eat sugar. (Less than 3 times per week)
I rarely watch television. (Less than 5 hours per week)
I rarely drink alcohol. (Less than 2 drinks per week)
My teeth and gums are healthy. (Have seen a dentist in last 6 months)


I currently save at least 10% of my income.
I pay my bills on time, virtually always.
My income source/revenue base is stable and predictable.
I know how much I must have to be minimally financially independent and I have a plan to get there.
I have returned or made-good an any money I borrowed.


I have told my parents, in the last 3 months, that I love them.
I get along well with my sibling(s).
I get along well with my co-workers/clients.
I get along well with my manager/staff.
There is no one who I would dread or feel uncomfortable "running across". (In the street, at an airport or party)
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