Frequently Asked Questions
Part 2

I inserted the assessment code on my web site, but it doesn't work. Why?
You must paste the HTML code into your web page, using a text editor such as Notepad, available on all personal computers. Do not insert the HTML code in MS Frontpage, Netscape Composer, or Dreamweaver - these are "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" web editors, and will display the actual code instead of the assessment you created. For more advanced web design help, contact your webmaster.

How do I create a multi-sectioned assessment?

This is an example (link opens in a new window) of a multi-section assessment. To create an assessment with multiple sections, begin by building it using AssessmentGeneratorLite tool. When you're done and your assessment has been added to your web site, use your favorite web page editor to add table rows for each section's heading. In the example above, there have been 4 rows added - for Physical Environment, Well-Being, Money and Relationships headings. The results will display the total score, but the assessment looks more organized and easier on the eyes, when questions are grouped into sections.

How do I decide how many points each question is worth?

The easiest way to do this is assign 1 point to each question. If some questions are more important than others, give it 2 points or more. For example, take these questions used in the "Marketing-Wise" assessment for coaches:

  • I know exactly who my target clients are
  • I can name at least 5 publications they subscribe to
  • I have read at least 3 e-books or books on marketing
  • My business has grown noticeably in the last 12 months

A person may not have answered positively to the first three questions, but if their business grew noticeably in the last 12 months, they must be doing something right. So, the last question is worth more than each of the first three, and deserves at least 2 points or more! When you build your assessment, all points are added up to find the maximum points a user can get.

How long can be an assessment? How many questions can I enter?

You can have as many questions in an assessment as you want. You can even split each assessment into sections or modules, with a help of your webmaster. A demo account, though, limits you to 5 questions.

No matter what I do, I can only enter 5 questions. Help!

Make sure you have entered your username correctly, otherwise the system "thinks" you're a demo user and limits you to 5 questions.

Can I add more questions to my assessment at a later time?

If you think you may need to add more questions to the assessment, enter the maximum number when you first create it. For example, if your assessment has 10 questions, but you think you may grow it to 50 in the future, enter 50 in the "Number of Questions" box. If you don't, you will need to re-create your assessment from scratch to accommodate the new size.

Is HTML allowed in any of the fields?

If you can write your own HTML code, you can enter it in certain fields of the assessment.

HTML is allowed in scoring key, which means you can create hyperlinks, bold or underline your text, split it into paragraphs, insert an image, link to a PDF file, a bulletted list, and other things you can do with HTML.

HTML code is also allowed in the instructions box, where you explain to your visitors how and why to take the assessment.

HTML will not work in e-mail confirmation messages. To insert a link into an email message, simply enter it as an "http://" address. For example,, should appear as a link (unless you're using AOL).

Will I receive detailed results from self-scoring assessments?

When your visitors complete a self-scoring assessment on your web site, you will receive their score in the email, but not the actual answers to each question. To receive detailed information about their answers, you must use a non-self-scoring assessment type, such as Narrative or Mixed.

Can I have the same message appear regardless of how my visitors score?

Yes. To do this, simply enter the same exact message into all 4 scoring key boxes. Regardless of how well or how poor your visitors score, they will see the same confirmation message.

I purchased a private label subscription, why does a link to AssessmentGeneratorLite still show up at the bottom?

Make sure that you are entering your username correctly, as this would be the only reason this may happen. A username is cAsE senSitiVe!

How can I make my assessments visually appealing?

AssessmentGeneratorLite simply gives you the functionality to create and process assessments. You can make your assessment look as fancy and visiually appealing as your web design (or your webmaster's) skills allow you to. You can insert the HTML code generated by this program into any web page template and "jazz" it up with a graphic header, background colors, and clipart.

I am your affiliate, can I promote AssessmentGeneratorLite on my assessment page?

Yes. You need to have a Standard Subscription (not a Private Label one) to do so. Then simply enter your affiliate link into the "Affiliate URL" box when you create your assessment, and it will be saved along with the rest of your information.

Where do I insert the HTML code generated by the program?

You can insert it anywhere between < body> and < / body> tags of your web page. You can do so by opening your web page in Notepad or SimpleText editor.

Can my assessment contain multiple modules or categories?

Although the total score will reflect the results for the entire assessment, you can split your assessment into several modules. Please, refer to this explanation above.

Can I "frame" the assessment to make it look like it resides entirely on my own web site?

Putting the assessment page into a frame will hide AssessmentGeneratorLite's URL and will display your own web address in the location bar on the results page.

The AssessmentGeneratorLite link will still be at the bottom, below the scoring key, if you subscribed to the Standard Subscription option.

Why does HTML code show up in the confirmation e-mails my users receive?

This will happen if your scoring key contains HTML tags and you checked the box for including the scoring in your emails. Either remove all HTML from the scoring key, or uncheck the box (located right below the scoring key boxes) so that it's not emailed to your users at all. If you choose to do the latter, only the score will be emailed (e.g. "Your score is 10 out of 50").

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