Are You Obsessed With Your Business?

You wake up in the middle of the night to write down a hot idea that just came to you, because you are afraid you might forget it by morning
You jump from one project into another one just before the first one is ready to launch, because you feel it's going to be a hit, and because you simply can't stop thinking about it
You arrive at a grocery store without noticing the 15-minute drive, because you were too busy listening to a business-related tape or CD
You let your bills pile up on the kitchen table, even though you have money to pay them, because you're too busy writing a new book or creating a new product, and plan to pay your bills when your book is done (unless you start a new one)
You rarely sit down to read a book or watch a movie unless you know you'll learn something new, get a great business idea, or come up with a new article title from it
You never take a real vacation, because even at the beach, you're reading a business magazine
You sit through every TV commercial, while your spouse is getting a sandwich, because you don't want to miss an important brainstorming session, or to laugh at other people's marketing efforts
You feel a rush every time your competitor comes out with a new product or service, so you go home, lock yourself in your office, and frantically search for a new (better!) product idea
You can't stand away from your office, even on a Sunday
You are completely and uncoditionally in love with your business, even at times when it's not profitable
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