Marketing Wise for Coaches

I know exactly who my target clients are
I can name at least 5 publications they subscribe to
I can name at least 2 major challenges my prospects face on a daily basis
I know of at least one message board my ideal prospects visit
I have just the right solution to help them solve these problems
I do things differently or better than my competitors
My prospects clearly understand what I do and how I can help them
I follow up with every prospect
I follow up with every prospect automatically using autoresponders
I follow up with every prospect with at least 5 messages
I have created at least one coaching program for solving a specific set of problems
I have written a sales letter that explains each coaching program in detail
I conduct teleclasses for my target audience at least once a month
I follow up with all teleclass participants each time
I have a web site that promotes my business
My web site contains client testimonials demonstrating the quality of my work
I have a mailing list that grows daily thanks to my web site and other source
I publish a newsletter and e-mail to my mailing list at least once a month
I write articles and post them on my web site at least once a month
I submit my articles to article directories, discussion lists, and e-zine publishers
I understand and implement the basics of Search Engine Optimization
I have at least one product that people can download or receive in the mail
My product(s) are directly related to my services, and offer solutions to my audience
I have a free product that I give away to prospects
I feel that all my marketing activities contribute to the growth of my business
I track most of my marketing activities and know how my clients find me
I get invited to speak on the topic of my expertise at least 3 times a year
I don't think I am underpricing my services, my fees are fair
My clients are happy with my services, I feel that I am truly helping them
I have read at least 3 e-books or books on marketing
My business has grown noticeably in the last 12 months
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