20-Point Sales Letter Assessment

Your headline speaks directly to your potential customer and gives them a strong, specific benefit of your product or service
You start with the strongest benefit of your product or service, then work your way down to include the least important benefits for your potential customer
You explain how your product or service is better or different compared to your competitors
Your sales letter speaks directly to your prospect (Instead of saying, "people that like horses will love this book" you say, "If you love horses you'll love this book")
You use "you" twice as often as "I" in your sales letter
Your sales letter is easy to read using short sentences and paragraphs
You use power words and write with the goal of keeping your reader's interest
You show your potential customer their problem; agitate it by telling them how troublesome it is, then offer your product or service as the solution
Your copy is clear, easy to understand, and follows a flow from one paragraph to the next
Your strong words and phrases are highlighted or bolded to draw attention and keep the reader focused
Your sales letter is written in a friendly, active, conversational, "me to you", tone of voice
You have used specific numbers and facts in your copy to build instant credibility
Your letter includes credibility creators, like why you're an authority on the subject, testimonials, and case studies
Your sales letter has a "nothing to risk" guarantee that shows your confidence in your offer
You include a reason why you're making this offer (e.g. you're doing it because you are tired of seeing people scammed on the Internet and want to provide them with solid information they can use for profit immediately)
Your sales letter gives details of what the customer needs to do? (Call now. Or, simply fill out the form below, enclose your check or money order for $24, and mail to...)
You make it easy for your potential customer to act on your offer
You're offering bonuses to increase response, or do you create high-perceived value for your product or service
You created a sense of urgency in your letter, explaining that the price is for a short time or quantities are limited
You have answered all questions a prospective customer has about your product
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