Is Your Web Site Doomed to Fail?

My web site has very little or no traffic
I don't really track how many people come to my web site
I haven't updated my web site in at least over 2 months
I don't write articles on a regular basis, and submit them to online publishers
My web site says almost nothing about me personally, only about the product/service I sell
There is no sign-up form of any kind on my web site
I don't give anything away for free, such as e-book, report, or resources from my web site
My web site has information about my business and my services, but no other content, such as articles, advice, quizzes, etc.
I don't publish a newsletter
I don't have a mailing list, and don't care about growing it
My web site doesn't display my work or client testimonials
I have made very few sales, if any, from my web site
I haven't gotten any clients who found me through the Web
Fewer than 5 other web sites link to mine
My web site is not listed on any major search engines
Nobody has ever e-mailed me with positive comments about my web site
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