Web Design Skills Assessment

I have created at least one web page from start to finish by myself
I am comfortable using a web editor
I understand the basics of HTML and can make simple changes in the code, such as inserting new code, or changing font color
I know HTML quite well, and can easily create a web page by manually entering HTML code into a text editor
I know how to upload files to the Web using an FTP program
I understand how to create new folders, delete files, or rename files using an FTP program
I have installed at least one ready-to-use CGI script on my web site
I know how to download images from the Internet and use them on my own web site
I can make changes to any image using a graphic editing program
I can create images from scratch using a graphic editing program
It's not a problem for me to add a search function or a message board to my web site using third-party services
I have set up at least one autoresponder on a web site
I can easily create downloadable links and thank-you pages for digital products
I have the ability to add a media file - MP3, AVI, RealAudio, etc. - to my web site
I understand and know how to create imagemaps
I have added at least one ready-to-use JavaScript to a web site
I can easily find any script or any utility for my web site using the search engines
I have been designing or maintaining web sites for at least 1 year
I don't panic or get easily frustrated when something doesn't look on a web site the way I expect it to
I know how to create PDF files and allow people to download them
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